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2017 - JEFF HEALEY'S recording of Dan's song "EVERY OTHER GUY" is featured on the brand new 2-LP release:


also on:




Dan's version of "EVERY OTHER GUY" is available here:

2015 - Click on the picture below to check out Dan's music video "LATE NIGHT RADIO" (a collaboration with Tony Valentino):

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PRESS RELEASE (10/28/15):

Tony Valentino & Dan Markell have teamed up to create an instantly-memorable rock tune that pays homage to midnight broadcasters everywhere!

Valentino (who Conan O'Brien has called "The Riff Man") is the former guitarist and co-founder of The Standells with whom he gained international fame for his guitar work on garage rock staples like "Dirty Water" and "Riot On Sunset Strip." Now, he whips up some new six-string wizardry on this collaboration with singer/songwriter and ace turner-of-phrase Markell - known in west coast pop circles for his catchy & clever songs in movies, TV shows and on the airwaves.

From the first listen "Late Night Radio" will be in heavy rotation in your head!

"I do LOVE the way "Late Night Radio" evokes the sound of the '60's with the haunting minor key and chord progression." - Amy Berkowitz,  KHUM 104.7 FM

"Markell & Valentino have tendered a tune guaranteed to send you back to the days when 'Late Night Radio' did indeed spin the songs that stuck in your brain, getting your toes a-tapping, your fingers snapping and lips a-whistling with whatever potent piece of pop they happened to be broadcasting! Kudos to them for curating such songcraft!" - GT, Host of Vintage Voltage, KRCC 91.5 FM

Tony V & DM 07-20-2015 Candid 15%

A candid shot of Tony Valentino & Dan Markell in the studio recording "LATE NIGHT RADIO"


2014 - Dan's latest single is called "LOOK AT THE GIRL" and features the stellar musicianship of Clem Burke (legendary drummer of Blondie) and Coz Canler (former Romantics lead guitarist). Here's a link to check it out:

January 18, 2012 - "GIVE ME THE WORD" is #35 on this week's FMQB AC Chart:

Check out the video teaser:

You've reached the online home of Dan Markell - Singer/Songwriter.

Presently living in Burbank, CA, Dan has created a diverse catalog of music that, for the most part, is classifiable as rock or power pop. He sings and plays guitar, bass and a little bit of keyboards. His songcraft is most often compared to that of Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Squeeze and Elvis Costello with a strong emphasis on clever lyrics and catchy melodies.

You can read about where to find Dan's songs in the discography section. In short, he's had tracks on a number of albums and in films & TV shows, most notably the action-thriller Terminal Velocity (starring Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski) in which you hear Dan sing his own composition "Don't Let Yourself Grow Tired."

Dan has worked with Tony Valentino (guitarist and co-founder of The Standells), Dennis Diken and Jim Babjak (of The Smithereens), Clem Burke (of Blondie, The Empty Hearts and The International Swingers), Coz Canler (The Romantics), Stevie Salas, Brett Helm (PiL, Doc Tahri), Kim Fowley and others including former Wings member Denny Seiwell who plays drums and percussion on Dan's song "You Mighta Made The Sun." So, it's fair to say that most of Markell's work falls into the general category of rock music. And yet he's written some songs with country western honky tonk man Mike Stinson.

He also had a songwriting collaboration with the late/great Steve Allen (yes, the comedian/musician/composer/author who was the first host of NBC's Tonight Show) in the late 1990s.

On the topic of his work with Allen, Markell says: "Good collaboration is a magical process whereby a brand new song (or script, or movie, or whatever) comes into being and it's something that neither of the two individuals could have dreamed up on their own. I love it when that happens."

"I had the great fortune to get to not only hang out with this legendary Renaissance man of the entertainment business, but write lyrics for a few of the thousands of melodies he wrote. All told, we wrote two dozen songs together over what turned out to be the last couple years of Steve Allen's life. And every one of them has a great melodic and chordal quality that sounds like a classic American standard of the ilk he grew up listening to in the 1920s, 30s and '40s. It's not stuff I could have come up with myself."

You can check out his artist page here:

And check out the album page here:


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